Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gossip girl Fashion for less.

Hey people!
O.......M.......Gossip Girl Season 3 premieres tomorrow  Monday 14, 2009 on CW! (Excited much?)
To celebrate this, I decided to talk about gossip girl fashion and reveal that the designer Anna Sui's GG line for target opens Today! So if you've ever dreamt of dressing boho-chic like Serena, admired Blair's glam style, loved Vanessa's street look or wanted to show your inner "DIY" like Little J , heres your chance.
Anna Sui is an American designer who is versatile and loves using different fabrics and pattern mix. Her designs for target consists of looks for less similar to what the girls on the show wear.

Blair of course is usually seen in dresses and skirts so don't expect to see  just any type of bottoms in the line.
Vanessa's clothes are in orange and brown for an earthy kinda look. I think jenny's look is kind of funky (LOL), but Serena's look is more laid-back.
Overall, I think the whole look needs a little more color, and Vanessa's look is too drab(orange and brown?) Anyways, i'll let you guys decide on your own  so here are some pictures:

Blair's Look:
Serena's Look:

 Jenny's Look:


Vanessa's Look:

The price range is between $29.99 for the tops and skirts to 59.99 or more for the dresses, so hurry to Target to get yours because they will sell out fast. Here's a link to check the clothes out yourself:

We love Target for bringing designer stuff at cheaper prices, and cant wait for more.
Till then, remain fabulously stylish!
THE Fashionista.